Key Reasons That Make Grocery Shoppers Go Digital

Many parts of the world are still under a lockdown or with other restrictions imposed. Due to this, consumers all around the world are increasingly adopting online grocery shopping. Many supermarkets are embracing digital modes. Today, online Indian groceries have evolved into a preferred destination where most buyers purchase all their grocery requirements from the comfort of their homes. 

Apart from convenient shopping, online stores also give better pricing, quality products and help build trust among their consumer base. Although the prevailing pandemic situation has created new challenges for consumers and stores, online shopping experiences are still expanding. 

Let us see some insights into what has made people move to the world of online Indian groceries shopping. In addition, let us explore the win-win benefits for the seller and the shoppers respectively.

Is it worthwhile to shop online for your essential grocery needs?

The easy internet access has provided us with excellent opportunities to immerse ourselves in the world of convenient shopping. In this vast arena, it is possible to get everything we need within the preferred time with just a few clicks of the mouse. 

The recent surges in online grocery shopping indicate that consumers are eager to become more digitally oriented. However, this demands virtual stores to deliver high-quality Indian groceries and a hassle-free shopping experience. Hence, the consumers who shop online will expect a simple, consistent, and intuitive experience.

Despite the popularity, some of the shoppers still have questions like – ‘is paying for delivery at online stores worthy’?  Is it ok to pay an amount as delivery charges at -stores in contrast to the traditional stores? It is common. 

Statistics say that online shopping for groceries and other essentials is becoming more and more popular. Furthermore, 90% of shoppers who have ordered online once are certainly likely to repeat their purchases online later. Since the saving with online Indian groceries pays off more when compared to a nominal delivery charge, it is worth the money. 

Perceived Benefits of Online Grocery Shopping To The Retailers

As many of us continue buying groceries from online stores, what are the major advantages that e-stores receive? Some of them are listed below.

Brand Building

Building the brand name is the obvious expectation from any brand in this segment. Of course, without brand building, it is quite difficult to survive and succeed. The significant growth of online grocery shopping enables businesses to remove the barriers of a traditional store.  

Without the need for a significant amount of investment in a physical setup, brands can expand their operations globally. The key aspects of 24/7 availability, better prices, etc. make for better building of brand and trust for online Indian groceries

Understanding customers’ shopping behavior's

Online shopping allows retailers to develop a better understanding of the buying habits of consumers It is one of the biggest benefits that retailers receive from selling online. This data gathering on the preferences of customers enables online stores to offer personalized experiences to their shoppers.

Supply on Demand

Online Indian groceries stores are virtual stores. In contrast to physical stores where you have to keep an inventory of items. Online stores work on the supply on demand. Here the retailers need not undergo the risk of overfilling the stocks during peak hours of sales. 

Rather images are just enough to tell the customers that their needs are present at the store. Once the order is placed, they can arrange for the items. If there is low stock or out-of-stock items, the program will alert the retailers on the demand.

Reduced resources

Unlike the conventional stores, with reduced resources, it is possible to successfully operate an online Indian groceries platform. If you want to run a physical store, you need a certain number of staff, store space, space for warehousing, etc. But with online groceries, all you need is a web portal or an app to show your presence to the consumers.

Reasons Why Customers Go Digital When It Comes To Grocery Shopping

To know the causes behind the consistent growth of online grocery stores, we have a lot to reveal to you. There are numerous ways that online Indian groceries satisfy consumer requirements.

Flexibility to shop

One of the important benefits that an online store offers shoppers is flexible hours of shopping. Contrasting to traditional stores there are no restricted time frames in online shopping. The store is open to you 24/7 all days of the year.

No long checkouts lines

If you shop during peak hours such as weekend or festival days shopping, you have to face the challenge of standing in long queues for billing. This tends to consume the significant time of shoppers. But with online groceries, all these troubles are non-existent

Sticking to the list is easy

Have you ever visited supermarkets with a plan and bought something more than you thought to buy? If so, then online Indian groceries is the right destination where you no longer face such issues. Shopping online is different from supermarket shopping. Here shoppers are scrolling only for the products that they wished to buy. Even if they make impulsive buys, on moving to the check-out page, they can see the total value and ensure it doesn’t go out of the budget.

No worries about heavy shopping loads

If you have been tired of carrying heavy shopping bags from the store, online Indian groceries can be the perfect alternative. Especially for those who don’t have a car to drive to supermarkets and carry heavy bags, online shopping is a boon.

From stores to your doors

Yes, undoubtedly it is the best of all the benefits. Specifically for busy people who are unable to make visit stores, online Indian groceries is a great option. For the consumers ordering online, e-stores take the entire responsibility of delivering the products to their doorstep.

If you haven’t started shopping online for groceries, the above reasons would be sufficient enough to make you love shopping online the next time. Store2k is a comprehensive online Indian groceries platform where you can get new shopping experiences. Make your shopping best with us.


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