Store2k – We are personalized Online Indian groceries store Integrated with New India BazarClick here to Buy Indian groceries through online.

Store2k represents as a one stop for all your daily needs.

In our busy life, shopping became an additional routine. Hence to enhance the shopping flexibility we try to provide our customers a blissful shopping experience from wherever you are.

We provide customer to choose from our wide range of brands which also includes our own house brands Veer, we also provide freshly handpicked fruits & vegetables, dairy & eggs, rice, flours, spices, pulses, pantry, snacks, beverages, instant foods, health & beauty products and deliver it on time. 

Our motto is to provide best customer centric approach to meet all your daily needs sustainably with reasonable prices on your doorstep with flexible payment options. We save your money and time.

Start living healthy!!
Have a Blissful shopping!!